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Introducing Wet Umbrella Holders and Bags

gym wipes and dispensers

Manufactured in the U.S.A.

  • Absorb-It
    - turns liquid to gel in seconds
  • Absorb-It
    - Available in many sizes


Shiva Shade supplies funeral homes in the United States and Internationally with the latest in cost-saving and convenient products.

Our hands-on service and personal customer attention sets us apart.

Introducing SutureBeGone

sutcher begone

Fast, Easy and Effective Alternative to Needle Suturing. Great to Seal Incisions, Restorative Art Work.
SutureBeGone is Bio Degradeable and Ultra Concentrated so a tiny bit goes a long way!


Mass Fatality System ideal for Military, Hospitals, Government Agencies, Disaster Responses Teams, andDisaster Preparedness to ProtectYou, the Community and your team.