What Our Clients Say

  • Blood BeGone Soap works Amazing for degreasing bones. I use the soap to clean my machine.

    Bobby Ruth - 01/01/22

  • This is the Best Product Ever. I place this under body for every viewing and never have to worry about a bad odor!
    Russell Wright -Russell allen Wright Sr. Mortuary Panama City Fl. - 01/13/17

  • Suture BeGone Adhesive is Fantastic Stuff!
    John - 05/03/16

  • Absorb-It Powder is the Greatest Powded I have ever used.
    Adam - 11/09/15

  • Suture BeGone Adhesive is the Great Stuff ever used. It is Amazing!!
    Craig K.L. Brown Memory Chapel - 08/12/15

  • Suture Begone Adhesive is Marvelous. Even works on Wet Skin!
    Martin Gamache - 03/13/15

  • Suture begone Adhesive is Amazing!
    Keith Boyd - 03/03/15

  • Absorb-It is the best stuff on the Market!
    Gene Goodman - 12/30/14

  • Suture BeGone Adhesive has been a Godsend!
    Jill Hart & Bruce Funweral Home - 11/24/14

  • Aborb-It best stuff ever used!
    Larry Baldwin - 10/13/14

  • The Processor I purchased from ShivaShade is Amazing!
    Mike Peaceful Paws Cremation - 09/20/14

  • Suture BeGone Adhesive is Amazing Stuff!
    JD Chapey and Sons - 09/16/14

  • The prep room products from ShivaShade are Tremendous!
    Walker - 08/22/14

  • I had a blood spill on my New Carpet and I tried everything and the stain remained. I meet my friend a Funeral Director and he give me Blood BeGone Soap and the stains were gone!
    Lois from New Jersey - 08/14/14

  • I got your starter Kit and all the products are Awesome!
    Gene Goodman - 06/27/14

  • All the products I bought are Amazing . I have 2 Decomp in the Freezer at it Smells like Spring Fresh.
    Nenry Benetly - 06/25/14

  • Suture BeGone Adhesive is Amazing Stuff!
    Kris O'Connor Funeral Home - 06/01/14

  • Suture BeGone Adhesive is Awesome, everyone should have it in the prep room!
    Chad - 05/26/14

  • Suture BeGone Adhesive works Great.
    Thomas McBride-Foley Funeral Home - 04/04/14

  • Suture BeGone Adhesive Nothing but the Truth!,
    George Fisher Funeral Home - 03/25/14

  • NTO Gel Caps " That is the Product" Amazing how the odors are gone.
    David Carnes Brotther Funeral Home - 03/18/14

  • As an officer for 25 years, I have never used anything better than Very Berry to remove an odor problem.
    William - 02/28/14

  • Suture BeGone Adhesive is A Miracle in A Bottle!
    Marikay McHoul Funeral Home - 02/21/14

  • Loving the products.
    Robin - 02/13/14

  • Absorb-It is Good Stuff!
    Bobby Hancock Funeral Home - 01/08/14

  • Suture BeGone Adhesive is working Wonders!
    Foy Manchester Funeral Home - 12/16/13

  • Absorb-It some Darn Good Stuff!
    Christella - Smith Thomas Funeral Home - 11/08/13

  • I had a bad one, used Very Berry and it worked Well.
    Amy Wilson Funeral Home - 11/08/13

  • Suture BeGone Adhesive worked like a charm!
    Jason - 11/01/13

  • Blood BeGone Soap is Unbelievable .
    Steve Behe Funeral Home - 08/19/13

  • The Gel Packs were Absolutely Great!
    Valery-Baycliff & Sons - 07/16/13

  • Suture BeGone Adhesive Worked Great on Cranium. Used it on 2 case with Great results.
    Roger - 07/03/13

  • Used the Berry Gel Cap in the lobby and it was Unbelievable .
    Greg- Kornegay & Moresley Funeral Home - 06/14/13

  • Cherry Gel pack was Fantastic in the Cooler. Just used the Suture Begone on the cranium and it was holding.
    Clay Memorial Cemeteries and Mortuaries - 06/13/13

  • Suture Begone Adhesive worked Great. Highly Recommend.
    Keith Hammons Family Funeral service - 06/13/13

  • Suture Begone Adhesive works very Well.
    Frank - 06/05/13

  • Suture Begone Adhesive is Really Good.
    Kevin - 06/05/13

  • Just tested the Berry Gel Cap in the Cooler, it was amazing. I ordered a dozen!
    Kalin - 06/05/13

  • Suture Begone Adhesive some good stuff
    Jeffrey - 05/09/13

  • The Gel Pack for the Cooler is working great.
    KimPreferred Mortuary Service - 05/08/13

  • Suture BeGone Adhesive did a nice job on the incision. Dried clean on the skin. The Undo also did a good job and did'nt burn the skin.
    Jay Moffet - 02/28/13

  • The Very Berry is great stuff. Absorb-It is Remarkable!!
    Peter Talso Funeral Service - 12/28/12

  • Blood BeGone Soap is the best product I ever used to remove blood from hair and body when I receive the body from M.E. Embalming since 1956
    Curtis J.T. Morris and Son Funeral Home - 12/27/12

  • Fantastic Love your products!
    Ernest Cope Memorial Chapel - 12/07/12

  • Really Like the products,we will reorder.
    Ross Webb Funeral Home - 12/04/12

  • All is Wonderful: Absorb-It, Very Berry and Blood BeGone Soap
    Kyle McKnight Funeral Home - 11/30/12

  • The Absorb-It powder makes a difference in my cases. It does not swell like the other products.
    Constance Cason Monk-Metcalf Funeral Directors - 11/27/12

  • Blood BeGone Soap that's some Good Stuff
    Carl Huntley & Cremeens Funeral Home - 11/27/12

  • Had a bad skin slip. Left the Absorb-It powder on the hand overnight, it solved the problem, worked great.
    Leslie Evergreen Funeral Home - 11/26/12

  • Very Berry worked great as you stated. Pleased with the Absorb-It also.
    John Dufresna - 11/26/12

  • Had a blood stain on a white shirt and tried everything to remove the spot, nothing worked. Then I remembered I had a sample of
    Blood BeGone Soap, it worked perfect, love it ordered a dozen. I was now able to dress the body.
    Frank Falk - 11/17/12

  • We love iAbsorb-It and Blood BeGone Soap.
    Madonna - 10/29/12

  • The Absorb-It and Very Berry ....That's some Good Stuff, lasts long.
    Joel McGuire - 10/26/12

  • Blood Begone Soap is Good stuff so is the powder.
    Reggie Wilburn - 10/26/12

  • Removed Ink from skin works great Blood BeGone Soap.
    Ron Gard - 10/26/12

  • Blood BeGone Soap is Darn Good.
    Brian May - 10/23/12

  • Blood BeGone Soap is Ridiculous- LOVE IT. Prep Table cleaned up great.
    Sean - 09/28/12

  • Blood BeGone Soap- That stuff works Miracles. Removes Blood and other stuff.
    Greggory - 09/21/12

  • Absorb-it, Very Berry and Blood BeGone Soap works perfect.
    Jeffrey Poteat FH Albany Ga. - 09/06/12

  • All THREE Great Products.
    Anthony - 08/20/12

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